--->"Yes, I have tricks in my pocket, I have things up my sleeve. But I am the opposite of a stage magician. He gives you illusion that has the appearance of truth. I give you truth in the pleasant disguise of illusion."<---
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5, 10, 15… Expectations #ferguson #ALSicebucketchallenge #nickiminaj #johnnymanziel


This is not to drift your attention from ice-buckets (ALS), Robin Williams (depression), Johnny Manziel, Nicki Minaj, James Bond trending on my social media…..

BUT, it slighlty is.

731 friends… I would say about 85%-95% of my newsfeed was/is overflowing with positive forms of awareness for depression (R.W.) and ALS (ice buckets).

I get it. I acknowledge it. I appreciate it. I appreciate your efforts.

These are both issues that are overlooked on a daily basis.

Nevertheless, there is something greater at stake that only 2% of you are speaking loudly about.

Something greater than you…. and me! #humanrights #JUSTICE #injustice

#michaelbrown #oscargrant #ericgarner #trayvonmartin

#aidanthenugget A two year old that you all have seen change and grow up through my pictures - mostly smiling- being the sweet, happy, energetic and brilliant young boy that he is.

Let’s take a look at the future

(if things remain progressively worse)

Picture this: (either with #aidanthenugget or any young, innnocent child you may know)

5, 10, 15 years from now, this harmless child (EMPHASIS on harmless) decides to take a stroll in his sweats, backwards hat, and let us not forget, he is a person of color, walks into a liquor store, market, convenience store, whatever you can picture, and wants a pack of smokes, swishers to roll a blunt, WHATEVER. He wants to smoke with friends, maybe….

But, unfortunately, he decides to allegedly steal them. Does that make him a threat to society? a felon, criminal? Does that justify a police officer firing 6 bullets to body and head?

Truth be told, I stole a handful of things growing up (not proud of it, or by any means endorsing it)

Simply, I am stating the facts and possible mind-set of a teenager. These are realistic expectations of the youth.

They do not have the power to choose their standards of living. They do not have the power to change demographics.

I hope to one day provide #aidanthenugget with all of life’s necessities and joys. But, if I fail to do so at some point in my life, I EXPECT him to steal a bag of chips, soda, a pack of cigarettes, alcohol, I don’t know, maybe steal a book, some graph paper, I DON’T KNOW! Anything equivalent to 5, 10, 15 dollars.

Should HE expect some punishment?

-Yes, rightfully so!

I will punish him. I also EXPECT the store to punish him (make him return the item, never allow him in the store again).

If necessary, I EXPECT the law to punish him (community service, a fee).

Should I worry about EXPECTING the law enforcement to murder him? Absolutely not!

Should I worry about him being fearful to walk the streets because he feels threaten by the people that are suppose ot protect him? Absolutely not!

People in #Ferguson are angry- EXPECTED.

Turmoil in Ferguson- EXPECTED.

Looting behavior- Unnecessary, but EXPECTED and understandable.

Chemical weapon BANNED in war being used on protesters, civilians, and reporters- UNEXPECTED.

War zone on U.S. territoy- UNEXPECTED.

Hey Missouri, #PALESTINE #IRAN #China #Russia and many more have some advice for you…



Of course, that short narrative of the future is nothing close to the reality of the situation because unfortuantely, the media will continue to frame stories in a way that is meant to justify the wrongdoings.

Here is one problem: Germany VS US


Another problem is that celebrities should use their power and begin to influence, inform, speak out and call to action. At least some are not afraid to do so, @iJesseWilliams , @johnlegend


Why are most celebrities calling out Obama to pour a bucket of ice when they should be calling him out to go to FERGUSON?!


I, in no way or form, want to dictate nor preach to any of you because I think you all have good hearts. But, I DO in fact want to open your eyes a bit, have you dig a little deeper… to reality. And the issues all of you, no matter the race, should focus on.

And put yourself in that situation, just as I have.

What if all that was taking place in your home? Your neighborhood? What if all that injustice was being done to your kids, cousins, nephews, students, or just a child you have met and are fond of?

I also do not want to disregard ALS and depression:



Thanks for reading. Now, I challenge you to think deeper. This is not the 50’s, 60’s… This is 2014. We should have better EXPECTATIONS.

Share, like, comment, or not… Glad you took the time to read this.

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Esther Stocker was born in Silandro, Italy 1974, studied in Milan and Pasadena before moving to Vienna, where she now lives. Stocker has shown her minimalist, monochrome paintings and trippy 3-D installations at prestigious galleries across the globe. Her artworks based on grid structures and on the colors black, white and gray.

I’m quite interested in structures that are ordered and disordered at the same time – the idea that parts of a structure can become autonomous. In some ways the work is quite minimal and simple, but I think there’s complexity within the grid – a transformation within a repetitive structure. And I think this relates to office life: There is routine, but within that, individuality.


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In recent years artist Juan López (born 1979 in Alto Maliaño, Spain) has been working with different formats such as drawing and video, but the core of his work is a series of ephemeral interior and exterior murals. In his interior pieces, he uses drawings made with adhesive materials to change the perception of the space; in his exterior ones, he throws out messages to spectators using aspects of advertising language without actually selling anything.(via artdiscover)

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Daniel Alexander Smith


The word “corpus” means “body,” but it can also refer to a collection of words which describe who someone is. Each type of corpora addresses identity. In this series, I adapt both definitions into visual form, collapsing the two meanings of the word “corpus” by creating a collection of bodies. This Corpus of flesh communicates the physicality of identity, which becomes lost in lexical analysis. Here, the body signifies itself. Instead of relegating information to abstraction, Corpus is concrete and direct. It is the material symbol of an existential language. My Corpus is not a collection of words, naming identity; it is the collection of physical bodies, which manifest identity.